Thoughts on 2017

I have written this a thousand times in my head, while doing my make up, while nursing a baby at 6am, while staring into my coffee at 4pm that I just remembered that I forgot to drink, while sitting in the pick up line to get J from school, while driving to work. A photography community I am part of has challenged it’s members to post their best pictures of 2017. For the past week I have been going through every single picture I have taken (with my camera) in 2017, as you can imagine, it is A LOT.
I have been loving reliving our year through these snaps. I love having these glimpses of our moments. As you may know, I never could have imagined how 2017 would bless us, but I spent the majority of it, being very sick. Pregnancy does not generally agree with me, and doubling up on pregnancy hormones took its toll. I feel for those who suffer from chronic illness, while mine was temporary and worth every second and beyond for my little babes, it was fairly miserable. I began the year with only eating cheerios for every meal (or the times I actually felt I could eat), and fleeing from rooms at work so I wouldn’t puke in front of a patient. Johnna and I got a routine down pat. I would pick her up from school and drive as fast (as was safe and legal) home, whip into the driveway and throw my door open, handing her the keys as she unlocked to house so I could run to the bathroom, and attempt to keep from vomiting the whole way there, it was quite undignified but worked.
I don’t consider myself an overly anxious person (although maybe my husband thinks otherwise) but with a recent miscarriage and the general increased risk with twins, my entire pregnancy I was a basket case. Every day I would come home with some new horror story to tell Brandon. He calmly listened and assured me that would not be our story. Mid way through the pregnancy, as nausea subsided, severe pain became my new constant. I was certain something was wrong, after a scare of preterm labor I was taken off work. I was completely overwhelmed by the love and support I was showered with by all those I work with, I will never forget their kindness and generosity.
At 38 weeks and 1 day, after a fairly seamless delivery we met Saylor and Addison. When Johnna came into the room and starting crying, muttering how happy she was, I lost it. How did i get so lucky, my heart was overflowing with love (and hormones). I was terrified about having twins, would I be able to handle it? How would I be able to be there for Johnna, would I ever sleep again? Would I ever leave the house again? How would I feed both of them? Would Brandon and I ever be ab;e to have a date night again? Now, reflecting back on the past three months, I cannot fathom how wonderful life is. Johnna is incredible, her love for the babies, and the way she cares for them, makes me melt, the way Brandon has settled into this insanity that is now routine has amazed me, I still cant believe how lucky I am to have such a loving and supportive partner.
Alas, I digress, this post was going to be about photography, but this brings me to my point. As I look through this past year, and the images that I have captured, I have relived it all, every laugh, every cry, every beautiful, imperfect, hilarious love-filled moment. I’m so thankful for Brandon’s blog chronicling our highs and lows, and like you, am waiting with bated breath for his next post. Brandon?
So here is a (very) small collection of my favorite images of 2017, and proves I have taken pictures of something besides babies. I am so grateful for those who have trusted me with their moments, and opened their hearts and homes to me, so I may capture their moments forever. I hope when you look back on them, it brings you back to that moment, as it does for me. Here’s to 2018. Peace and Love, Lauren


When I found out I was pregnant in January, I was excited to have a completely different pregnancy experience. I was going to stay in shape, I was going to run, I was going to gain hardly any weight. At 8 weeks we found out we would be bringing two babies home, at 12 weeks, I had my last run. Something wasn’t right, extreme pain made me stop and listen. Three weeks ago I went out for my first “run” and literally only made it to the post office which is right across the street. After my pregnancy with Johnna I ended up in the ER with a nearly torn tendon from coming back too hard, too soon. This time last year I had just run my first marathon, today I am hobbling through a single mile. It is insane what pregnancy does to your body. One mile at a time.

Motherhood Diaries

We are 8 weeks snuggling already, times flies when you are having fun, and have twins, and haven’t slept, for 8 weeks. I am attempting to recount my joys and mishaps of motherhood here…


Motherhood Diaries: Two weeks ago I took the babies to Trader Joe’s and shopped (hands free!!!) with them in the moby wrap, I felt like I could conquer the world wearing those babies (thanks mom for standing by to make sure no one was dropped!) Yesterday we went to the Pumpkin patch, One of my absolute favorite family activities. Brandon and I both have been under the weather this week but felt this was the one day we could make it happen, so on we went. After 20 minutes Saylor, who I was wearing, started crying, I was ready to call it quits, we headed to the car, fed the babies and regrouped, we were then able to enjoy an additional 2+ hrs at the patch, with (mostly) happy babes. As we walked back to the car, I thought ‘Oh man, someone left their car door wide open’ right as Brandon exclaimed, “Babe! you left your door open!” S#@! I was sure our battery would be dead, but we got lucky. We arrived to find our home standing, despite me leaving my straightener on the entire time we were gone. I really need to pull it together. Last night the babies slept so well! Woke up to eat and went RIGHT BACK to sleep! It was amazing. I woke up refreshed, and really felt like I gave the babies my all, we did tummy time, I even remembered to give them their vit D! they were happy, well fed, I held and interacted with them all morning. I tried to eat but a baby started crying after one bite, oh well, have I peed today? I managed to get dressed by 1 pm (WIN!) and then as I was holding sweet Addison, an impossible amount of spit up covered us both, where did all that even come from?? I decided to attempt to bathe her, which I have not done solo, as I finished (just in time to pick up Johnna) quite proud that I had done so well, I noticed our kitchen was half way under water, ugh. Savoring these days of tiny babes, looking forward to laughing at these memories in a year or ten.

Also, it is insane the amount of laundry two tiny humans generate, and how difficult it is to make coffee and or eat while holding two tiny babes, or one for that matter, or feed one while the other is crying. All that.

Week 34

The past week I have been in significantly more pain, I can’t sit or stand for longer than thirty minutes before I need to lay down and rest. It has really put a damper on the summer for the rest of my family, but they are being great sports about it and waiting on me hand and foot. J and I have managed to have quite a good time documenting my pregnancy as I become my own continent. This week I was especially impressed by the ones she snapped of me, she certainly has a vision.